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My Outdoor Fitness recently hosted a client get together and fundraiser to support Meniere’s disease research.  Read more about the journey from one of our client’s view point and the how she has strived to stay active, shining a light on this little known disease.

I began attending My Outdoor Fitness boot camp classes, held at Jubilee Park in Glebe, in September 2020. While most of those who attend are far from elite athletes we do enjoy the chance to move our bodies and stay at least a little active. The business owner and instructor, Nick, is always encouraging and accommodating of individual needs, which has been important for me as a Meniere’s sufferer.

Though I’ve had to miss a few classes when attacks are bad, I try to attend at least once a week and continuing to exercise has helped me to focus on what I can still do, rather than dwelling on all of the things Meniere’s has taken. Sure, I can’t always do things that require a degree of balance, but boot camp reminds me that moving my body is still possible and I am grateful that I’ve not entirely lost that ability.

My appreciation for Nick’s support only increased when he contacted me earlier this year to say he wanted to make the group’s mid-year get-together (he hosts a party a couple of times a year for his clients) a fundraiser for Meniere’s research. How wonderful and what a caring and thoughtful suggestion.

Nick contacted local businesses, some of whom are clients, and gathered together a range of prizes. Everyone who bought a ticket to the event, a casual finger-food affair held in the clubrooms of the Glebe Hockey Club, was entered in the raffle to win great prizes. Skincare packs, hardware vouchers and more were won by happy attendees. Plus there was a silent auction for the two big prizes – a dinner voucher for the Glebe Point Diner and massages from Balmain Sports Physio.

Thanks to the generosity of the group participants, the businesses that donated and the kindness of Nick who organized the event, we raised $1800 for the Meniere’s Research Fund at Macquarie University. While $1800 might not be a huge amount, it was great to feel as though I was part of something that was supporting the doctors and scientists who are working to help find better tools and treatments to diagnose and treat this horrible disease.

– Marg, a My Outdoor Fitness client and Meniere’s sufferer.