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We are pleased to launch bi-monthly fitness testing to enable clients to track their progress and performance throughout the year.

Testing sessions will be conducted at the Saturday Bootcamp sessions over the following dates and starting at 7am:

  • Saturday 25th June, 2022
  • Saturday 27th August, 2022
  • Saturday 29th October, 2022
  • Saturday 10th December, 2022 – Final Testing for the year

Exercises for the testing include:

  1. Dead Hang
  2. Bronco Test
  3. Push Up Test
  4. Sit up Test
  5. Squat Test

Results will be recorded for each client and shared directly to individuals via email in an End of Year Performance Summary, distributed in December, 2022.

If you miss a testing session, have a chat with Nick to arrange a catch up to be         scheduled or email